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About us

JWAVE Staffing was founded by two veterans from the technology recruiting industry.

With both having over 25 years year experience they have been exposed to wide varied of recruiting strategies. 

They knew with software, there were always new cutting-edge tools to help companies engage better with prospective candidates. Larger companies are slower to embrace new strategies and tools and they wanted to provide their clients a more efficient and better way to engage their customers to improve their candidate experience and brand recognition. 

The JWAVE brand has grown considerably over the years and are now on the forefront of recruitment marketing solutions. JWAVE has merged recruiting and sourcing processes with recruitment marketing services which has given candidates a more robust and engaging candidate experience. 

Their solutions provide the ultimate candidate experience to candidates while helping their customers engage more effectively with their potential candidates from a recruiting and marketing perspective. 

Jeff Weidner

Chief Executive Officer
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With JWAVE's customized solutions for each of their customers...

They help their customers stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of their competition. You only have one chance to make a great first impression and JWAVE does just that for all their customers.

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What Our Customers Say

We will help you build a candidate funnel or recruitment marketing campaign to drive more traffic, engage top candidates and make hires more efficiently.

I would say "The moment that it truly hit me just how talented Jeff is in this industry is when we were meeting with our largest potential client of the year. They specifically cited how impressed they were by his encyclopedia level knowledge of all things sourcing and recruitment marketing"

Beth Miller

Client Executive
The experience and knowledge to understand what recruiting strategies work and which are a waste of time and money. He's put together the most effective video recruitment strategies in an efficient and easily consumable format that wil I have you recruiting better and attracting more of the right candidates quickly.

Craig Fisher

Head of Recruiting Innovation Allegis Global Solutions
One of the most creative professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. His ability to create strategic, innovative and effective tools for Recruitment has always brought outstanding results to all of our recruitment campaigns. Using Video Recruitment Success as a recruitment tool is fast, practical, and you will see in its resuIts: efficient.

Maria Sol Acevedo

Recruiter & Sourcer
Brilliant, especially when it comes to video recruitment strategy and execution. I relied heavily on his expertise to help my customer's understand the positive impact of video job ads over traditional job ads as a way to attract and engage their audience.

Judie Reynolds

Enterprise Sales Rep
They want you to win in recruiting. Period. He will stop at nothing to support you in making that happen. His enthusiasm for creating frictionless pathways between recruiters and their candidates is indisputable.

Penny Queller

SVP/GM Sales, Enterprise Solutions
One of the best out there. A true innovator with a focus on candidate engagement. His inspired techniques have made a huge difference in our hiring practices. We no longer have to chase after candidates, they come to us!

Deb Yarnall

Sourcing Manager